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Fire Department Plans Review and Inspections

Code Enforcement / Zoning Forms & Information

  Zoning Administrator
 Code Enforcement Officer:
 Mark Bishop
  Business Hours  
              Monday - Thursday                           9:00 AM  -  5:00 PM              
 Friday:  By Appt.
 Closed:  Sat./Sun/ Holidays
Zoning Commission:
  • Merle Miller (Chairman)
  • Douglass Degen
  • Nathan Mailhot
  • Josh Makley
  • Jody Long
 Board of Zoning Appeals: 
  • Denny Schwinnen (Chairman)

  • Judy Chaffins
  • Tim Piper
  • Jackson Burklo
  • Dave Gerdeman

Completed forms can be e-mailed to the American Township Zoning Department, 102 Pioneer Road, Elida, Ohio at
Ensure you include Application, Site Drawing, Building Plans, and any other documents via e-mail in
PDF format.
Any questions feel free to contact Mark Bishop, Code Enforcement Officer / Zoni
ng Administrator for American Township at



1.  Zoning enforcement measures will be undertaken in the Homewood Subdivision area, Cole Street, Rosedale, Robb and Elida Road areas beginning March 1, 2023.  Concentrating on Junk, Abandoned, Disabled and Unlicensed Motor Vehicles out in public and not secured in a completely enclosed structure, or completely concealed by fencing.  In addition, we will be addressing junk, garbage, refuse and other debris out in plain view; accessory structures that are blighted and need of repair or removal and other observed zoning violations.  This will be proactive enforcement of zoning regulations for a period of several weeks.  After this time period, proactive zoning enforcement will move to another subdivision and area concentrating on the same types of violations in the area, in plain view of the public.  Notice is posted February 20, 2024.  MB


2.  April 1, 2024 begins the enforcement period for grass, weed, overgrown vegetation on residential, commercial and industrial properties.  Yards are REQUIRED to be mowed, and maintained at a length less than 8 inches, and consistent of lawn heights of adjacent properties.  Vacant lots are REQUIRED to be mowed a minimum of three-3 times during growing season during months of MAY, JULY, and SEPTEMBER.  Observed violations will receive a notice of violation letter, with a directive to mow property within SEVEN-7 DAYS.  After seven days, American Township contractors will enter onto the property and abate the violation, and assess all charges and fees to property owner.  Failure to pay said charges will result in fees being assessed upon your property tax duplicate.  This notice is posted on the American Township Web Page on February 20, 2024. MB


POSTED 02/20/2024


1. Agricultural animal husbandry is prohibited in all residential zoned locations on lots less than one-1 acre.  This is per the American Township Zoning Resolution, Exterior Property Maint. Code, and in accordance with ORC 519.21.


2. On lots greater than 1 acre and less than 5, where 15 lots or more are together in an area or subdivision it is prohibited and subject to Board of Zoning Appeals Conditional Use Certificate being issued after a public hearing.  If the area has less than 15 acjoining lots or unplatted area, chickens may be approved however MUST be at least 100 feet from adjoining property owners.  


3.  Chicken Husbandry is allowed on lots greater than 5 acres. 


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