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American Township Hall Rental Information

View the Calendar below to see availability. Call  the Township Office at 419-331-8651 to rent the Township Hall.

Hall Rental Fee:  $200.00


1.            Any person or organization or group desiring to rent the Township building should contact Brenda Phillips at the Administration Building located at 102 Pioneer Rd, Elida, Ohio, 45807, phone #419-331-8651 between the hours of 8:00 am – 12 pm Monday thru Friday. Please call Caretakers: Mike Peters 419-235-6146 or Kim Peters 419-235-3421 when you are finished with the rental so they can lock up.


2.            Any individual, or individual representing a group or organization shall complete and sign a form provided by the Township Trustees from the above-named representatives.  The said individual signing shall assume full responsibility on behalf of the organization or group for liability and/or damages to the Township building.


3.            Any individual or group wishing to rent the township building must pay in full no less than 2 weeks prior to the rental date except when renting less than 2 weeks from the time of calling to reserve the room.  If rental is not paid in full no less than 2 weeks prior to rental date the management has the right to rent the room to another individual or group.


4.            Any individual or group who has already paid for the room but later cancels a refund of $150.00 will be given if cancellation is more than 2 weeks prior to the rental date.  If closer than 2 weeks a refund of $100.00 will be given.


5.            Any Group under the ages of twenty-one must be properly chaperoned, and the said chaperon must remain on the premises for the rental period.


6.            No intoxicating beverages will be permitted.


7.            The rental area is confined to the Township Assembly Room and to the restroom facilities. Occupancy of the room shall not start before 8:00 AM or continue after 10:00PM.


8.            Any Group must assume full responsibility and clean the said premises (vacuum and mop floors also taking trash out), which shall include any use of the kitchen facilities and putting most folding chairs and round tables back on the racks. The long tables stay out along with some folding chairs. The long tables and chairs need to be set up as they were when you arrived.


9.            The assembly room shall not be available for rental on second and last Monday of the month.


10.          No live bands permitted.


    By Order of the Township Trustees and Brady Overholt, Clerk

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